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MediaOverlay Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for MediaOverlay:

Instance Methods

(void) - playParallel:
(void) - playParallels
(void) - playParallelByIndex:
(Parallel *) - getParallel:
(int) - parallelCount
(void) - playNext
(void) - playPrev
(void) - play
(void) - pause
(BOOL) - isStarted
(BOOL) - isPaused
(void) - clear
(void) - reset
(void) - stop
(void) - resume
- Instance Methods inherited from <SkyPlayerDelegate>
(void) - didComplete:

Protected Attributes

NSMutableArray * parallels
int parallelIndex
__weak id< MediaOverlayDataSourcedataSource
__weak id< MediaOverlayDelegatedelegate


id delegate
id dataSource
BOOL isStarted

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