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com.skytree.epub.Highlight Class Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (Highlight highlight)

Public Attributes

int bookCode
int code
int chapterIndex
double pagePositionInBook
double pagePositionInChapter
int startIndex
int endIndex
int startOffset
int endOffset
int color
String text
int left
int top
String note
boolean isNote
boolean isOpen
String datetime
boolean forSearch
int style
int pageIndex = -1
boolean isTemporary

Detailed Description

Highlight class holds every information for one highlight on ReflowableLayout.


Member Function Documentation

boolean com.skytree.epub.Highlight.equals ( Highlight  highlight)
highlightHighlight object
if highlight given is equal, returns true.

Member Data Documentation

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.bookCode

the bookCode of the book which this highlight belongs to

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.chapterIndex

the chapter Index in epub

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.code

the code of Highlight

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.color

highlight color eg. 0x33FFFF00 33:alpha, ff:red, ff:green and 00:blue.

String com.skytree.epub.Highlight.datetime

the String for Created Date Time

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.endIndex

the end index of element which highlight covers

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.endOffset

the end charater offset in end element

boolean com.skytree.epub.Highlight.forSearch

tells this highlight is used for search only - don't use the property

boolean com.skytree.epub.Highlight.isNote

the flag to denote whether this is note(memo) or not. it is used just for holding information.

boolean com.skytree.epub.Highlight.isTemporary

tells this highlight is used only Temporay, which is not saved

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.left

x coodination where highlight starts

String com.skytree.epub.Highlight.note

the string for note or memo, this is not displayed. it is used just for holding information.

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.pageIndex = -1

the pageIndex

double com.skytree.epub.Highlight.pagePositionInBook

the global position of highlight in book

double com.skytree.epub.Highlight.pagePositionInChapter

the position of highlight in chapter

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.startIndex

the start index of element which highlight covers

int com.skytree.epub.Highlight.startOffset

the start charater offset in start element.


set the custom style

String com.skytree.epub.Highlight.text

highlighed text


y coodination where highlight starts

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