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com.skytree.epub.NavPoint Class Reference

Public Attributes

String identifier = new String()
int playOrder
String text = new String()
String sourcePath = new String()
String sourcePathWithHashLocation = new String()
String hashLocation = new String()
int chapterIndex
int depth
int index

Detailed Description

NavPoint class holds information about navPoint entry in NavMap included in ncx file of epub.


Member Data Documentation

int com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.chapterIndex

chapter index

int com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.depth

indentation depth

String com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.hashLocation = new String()

hash location. eg # location

String com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.identifier = new String()


int com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.index

index at navMap

int com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.playOrder

play order

String com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.sourcePath = new String()

source path to physical content.

String com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.sourcePathWithHashLocation = new String()

source path with hash location. eg path::location

String com.skytree.epub.NavPoint.text = new String()


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