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com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation Class Reference

Public Member Functions

boolean equals (PagingInformation pgi)

Public Attributes

int code
int bookCode
int chapterIndex
int numberOfPagesInChapter
String fontName
int fontSize
int width
int height
int lineSpacing
double verticalGapRatio
double horizontalGapRatio
boolean isPortrait
boolean isDoublePagedForLandscape

Detailed Description

PagingInformation class contains the information about paging for one chapter.

Member Function Documentation

boolean com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.equals ( PagingInformation  pgi)

return true if PagingInformation passed in is equal.

Member Data Documentation

int com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.bookCode

the code of book which is loaded now

int com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.chapterIndex

the index of chapter which is paginated now

String com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.fontName

the font name that is used for this paging.

int com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.fontSize

the font size that is used for this paging.

int com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.height

the width of webView

double com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.horizontalGapRatio

the horizontal gap ratio that is used for this paging.

boolean com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.isDoublePagedForLandscape

double paged in landscape mode

boolean com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.isPortrait

denote the device was portrait or not

int com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.lineSpacing

the line space that is used for this paging.

int com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.numberOfPagesInChapter

the number of pages in this chapter

double com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.verticalGapRatio

the vertical gap ratio that is used for this paging.

int com.skytree.epub.PagingInformation.width

the height of webView

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