SkyEpub SDK for iOS 7
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<ContentProvider> Protocol Referenceabstract

#import <ContentProvider.h>

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Instance Methods

(void) - setContentPath:
(long long) - lengthOfContent
(long long) - offsetOfContent
(void) - setOffsetOfContent:
(NSData *) - dataForContent:
(BOOL) - isFinished
(void) - destroy

Detailed Description

ContentProvider is the protocol for custom reader for epub file.


Method Documentation

- (NSData*) dataForContent: (long long)  length

the NSData for the content with the size of given length should be returned.

- (void) destroy

called by engine when this object should be destroyed explicitly. Since 5.0.3

Reimplemented in SkyProvider.

- (BOOL) isFinished

you should return whether reading content is finished or not.

- (long long) lengthOfContent

the length of content(file) should be returned.

- (long long) offsetOfContent

you should return the offset of content

- (void) setContentPath: (NSString *)  path

path will be provided by engine.

- (void) setOffsetOfContent: (long long)  offset

offset will be provided by skyepub engine.

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