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com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void onHighlightDeleted (Highlight highlight)
void onHighlightInserted (Highlight highlight)
void onHighlightUpdated (Highlight highlight)
void onHighlightHit (Highlight highlight, int x, int y, Rect startRect, Rect endRect)
Highlights getHighlightsForChapter (int chapterIndex)
Bitmap getNoteIconBitmapForColor (int color, int style)
void onNoteIconHit (Highlight highlight)
Rect getNoteIconRect (int color, int style)
void onDrawHighlightRect (Canvas canvas, Highlight highlight, Rect highlightRect)
void onDrawCaret (Canvas canvas, Caret caret)

Detailed Description

HighlightListener inteface must be implemented to handle highlight related events on ReflowableLayout.


Member Function Documentation

Highlights com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener.getHighlightsForChapter ( int  chapterIndex)

called whenever engine needs to read all highlights of specific chapter. Highlights object should be created and returned to engine for chapter index.

chapterIndexchapter index
Highlights object
Bitmap com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener.getNoteIconBitmapForColor ( int  color,
int  style 

called when sdk engine needs for the Bitmap for a given color.

colorthe color of note icon
Bitmap for the color
Rect com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener.getNoteIconRect ( int  color,
int  style 

called when sdk needs the Rect for note icon

Rect object for note icon.
void com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener.onHighlightDeleted ( Highlight  highlight)

called a highlight is to be deleted by engine when highlighs are merged into on highlight.

highlightHighlight object to be deleted,
void com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener.onHighlightHit ( Highlight  highlight,
int  x,
int  y,
Rect  startRect,
Rect  endRect 

called when user touched on existing highlight.

highlightHighlight object touched.
xx coordination touched.
yy coordination touched.
void com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener.onHighlightInserted ( Highlight  highlight)

called when new highlight is inserted.

highlightHighlight object to be inserted.
void com.skytree.epub.HighlightListener.onNoteIconHit ( Highlight  highlight)

called when user taps on note icon

highlightHighlight object to which this note is belonging to

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