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com.skytree.epub.PageMovedListener Interface Reference

Public Member Functions

void onPageMoved (PageInformation pi)
void onChapterLoaded (int chapterIndex)
void onFailedToMove (boolean isFirstPage)

Detailed Description

PageMovedListener interface is to handle page navigation in viewer.

Member Function Documentation

void com.skytree.epub.PageMovedListener.onChapterLoaded ( int  chapterIndex)

called whenever new chapter is loaded for ReflowableLayout.

chapterIndexthe index for the chapter which is newly loaded.
void com.skytree.epub.PageMovedListener.onFailedToMove ( boolean  isFirstPage)

called when user tries to move to the prev page on the first page or to move to the next page on the last page. isFirstPage if true, failed at the first page, if false failed at the last page.

void com.skytree.epub.PageMovedListener.onPageMoved ( PageInformation  pi)

called whenever current page which is displayed now is changed by navigation such as gotoPrev, gotoNext.

piPageInformation object

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