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FixedViewController Class Reference

#import <FixedViewController.h>

Inheritance diagram for FixedViewController:

Instance Methods

(void) - debug0
(void) - debug1
(void) - debug2
(void) - debug3
(id) - initWithStartPageIndex:
(id) - initWithStartPageIndex:spread:
(id) - initWithStartPosition:spread:
(FixedPageInformation *) - getFixedPageInformationAtPagePosition:
(FixedPageInformation *) - getFixedPageInformationAtPageIndex:
(FixedPageInformation *) - getFixedPageInformation
(void) - gotoPageByPagePosition:
(void) - changeBackgroundColor:
(void) - changeWindowColor:
(void) - gotoPageByNavMapIndex:
(void) - clearCached
(void) - setContentProviderClass:
(void) - setContentProvider:
(BOOL) - canRotate
(void) - gotoPage:
(void) - gotoNextPage
(void) - gotoPrevPage
(int) - pageCountInBook
(int) - currentPageIndex
(void) - changeElementColor:hash:pageIndex:
(void) - restoreElementColor
(BOOL) - isMediaOverlayAvailable
(void) - playFirstParallel
(void) - pausePlayingParallel
(void) - stopPlayingParallel
(void) - playParallel:
(void) - playParallelByIndex:
(Parallel *) - getParallelByIndex:
(int) - parallelCount
(void) - playNextParallel
(void) - playPrevParallel
(void) - resumePlayingParallel
(BOOL) - isPlayingPaused
(BOOL) - isPlayingStarted
(void) - setLicenseKey:
(void) - setTimeForRendering:
(void) - setTimeForCaching:
(void) - deleteAllCaches
(void) - destroy
(void) - setPagesCenterImage:
(void) - setPagesStackImage:
(void) - setNavigationAreaEnabled:
(NSString *) - getCoverURL
(void) - startCaching
(void) - stopCaching
(NSString *) - executeJavascript:forLeftPage:
(NSString *) - executeJavascript:
(void) - useSingleLayer
(void) - setSwipeGestureEnabled:
(int) - platformMemory
(NSString *) - platformString
(void) - addMenuItemForSelection:title:selector:
(void) - makeSelectionHighlight:
(void) - makeSelectionNote:
(void) - deleteHighlight:
(void) - changeHighlight:color:
(void) - changeHighlight:note:
(void) - changeHighlight:color:note:
(void) - searchKey:
(void) - searchMore
(void) - pauseSearch
(void) - stopSearch
(BOOL) - isDoublePaged
(NavPoint *) - getNavPoint:
(void) - gotoPageByNavPoint:
(void) - setFitToHeight:
(void) - setMaxLayer:

Protected Attributes

__weak id
< FixedViewControllerDelegate
__weak id
< FixedViewControllerDataSource
__weak NSString * version
__weak NSString * baseDirectory
id contentProviderClass
id< ContentProvidercontentProvider


NSString * encryptKey
int transitionType
int bookCode
id< FixedViewControllerDelegatedelegate
id< FixedViewControllerDataSourcedataSource
NSString * version
NSString * baseDirectory

Detailed Description

the FixedViewController Object

Method Documentation

- (void) addMenuItemForSelection: (NSObject *)  target
title: (NSString *)  title
selector: (SEL)  selector 

add Menu Item to iOS System MenuController

- (BOOL) canRotate

tells device can be rotate or not while caching process is going on.

- (void) changeBackgroundColor: (UIColor *)  backgroundColor

change the background color for each page

- (void) changeElementColor: (NSString *)  colorString
hash: (NSString *)  hash
pageIndex: (int)  pageIndex 

change the color of element which has hash

- (void) changeHighlight: (Highlight *)  highlight
color: (UIColor *)  color 

change the color of the highlight

- (void) changeHighlight: (Highlight *)  highlight
color: (UIColor *)  color
note: (NSString *)  note 

change the color and note of text.

- (void) changeHighlight: (Highlight *)  highlight
note: (NSString *)  note 

change the text for note

- (void) changeWindowColor: (UIColor *)  windowColor

change the window color

- (void) clearCached

delete all cached files in device

- (int) currentPageIndex

get the current pageIndex in this chapter

- (void) debug0

intenal test only, do not use

- (void) deleteAllCaches

delete all cached images

- (void) deleteHighlight: (Highlight *)  highlight

clear current Highlight at mouse position;

- (void) destroy

release all resources explicitly

- (NSString*) executeJavascript: (NSString *)  script

execute Javascript only for left Page. use this in portrait mode.

- (NSString*) executeJavascript: (NSString *)  script
forLeftPage: (BOOL)  forLeft 

execute Javascript for left page (when forLeft = YES) or for right page (forLeft = NO). in single page mode (portrait), forLeft should be YES.

- (NSString*) getCoverURL

get the cover image url

- (FixedPageInformation*) getFixedPageInformation

returns PageInformation at current page.

- (FixedPageInformation*) getFixedPageInformationAtPageIndex: (int)  pageIndex

gets FixedPageInformation at the given page index.

pageIndexthe page index
- (FixedPageInformation*) getFixedPageInformationAtPagePosition: (double)  pagePosition

gets FixedPageInformation at the global position in book.

pagePositionInBookis a double between 0 to 1 to indicate the position in entile book.
- (NavPoint*) getNavPoint: (int)  navIndex

return NavPoint at naveIndex

- (Parallel*) getParallelByIndex: (int)  parallelIndex

get the parallel at parallelIndx

- (void) gotoNextPage

goto the next page in this chapter

- (void) gotoPage: (int)  pageIndex

goto the page of pageIndex in this chapter

- (void) gotoPageByNavMapIndex: (int)  index

goes to the page by NavPoint index

- (void) gotoPageByNavPoint: (NavPoint *)  np

goto Page by NavPoint

- (void) gotoPageByPagePosition: (double)  pagePosition

goes to the page by the position(by pagePositionInChapter) in this book

- (void) gotoPrevPage

goto the prev page in this chapter

- (id) initWithStartPageIndex: (int)  startPageIndex

init with Start pageIndex

startPageIndexis integer value to indicate the index of start page.
- (id) initWithStartPageIndex: (int)  pageIndex
spread: (int)  spreadType 

init with Start pageIndex

startPageIndexthe integer value to indicate the index of start page.
spreadrendition spread in opf (eg. SpreadNone, SpreadAuto, SpreadPortrait, SpreadLandscape, SpreadeBoth)
- (id) initWithStartPosition: (double)  startPosition
spread: (int)  spreadType 

init with Start position

startthe double value to indicate the position of start page. (eg. 0.0f~1.0f)
spreadrendition spread in opf (eg. SpreadNone, SpreadAuto, SpreadPortrait, SpreadLandscape, SpreadeBoth)
- (BOOL) isDoublePaged

return YES when spread is both or auto in landscape mode.

- (BOOL) isMediaOverlayAvailable

returns MediaOverlay available

- (BOOL) isPlayingPaused

tells whether playing is paused or not.

- (BOOL) isPlayingStarted

tells whether medaiOverlay started or not.

- (void) makeSelectionHighlight: (UIColor *)  color

set current Selection to Highlight;

- (void) makeSelectionNote: (UIColor *)  color

makes current Selection to Highlight its style note.

- (int) pageCountInBook

get page count of this book

- (int) parallelCount

get the count of parallels in this chapter

- (void) pausePlayingParallel

pause playing parallel

- (void) pauseSearch

pauses searching

- (int) platformMemory

returns the device ram size

- (NSString *) platformString

returns the model name of device

- (void) playFirstParallel

play the first Parallel in this page

- (void) playNextParallel

play the next parallel

- (void) playParallel: (Parallel *)  parallel

play the parallel

- (void) playParallelByIndex: (int)  parallelIndex

play the parallel at parallelIndx

- (void) playPrevParallel

play the prev parallel

- (void) restoreElementColor

restore the color of element lastly changed

- (void) resumePlayingParallel

resume playing the paused parallel

- (void) searchKey: (NSString *)  key

searches epub for the key.

- (void) searchMore

searches the key more

- (void) setContentProvider: (id< ContentProvider >)  customProvider
- (void) setContentProviderClass: (Class)  contentProvider

set ContentProvider class

- (void) setFitToHeight: (BOOL)  value

if value is true, page will be fit to Height. otherwise page will be fit to Width

- (void) setLicenseKey: (NSString *)  licenseKey

set license key

- (void) setMaxLayer: (int)  max

set MaxLayer to pre load another pages

- (void) setNavigationAreaEnabled: (BOOL)  enabled

enable/disable navigation area on both sides

- (void) setPagesCenterImage: (UIImage *)  pagesCenterImage

for landscape mode, set the image which should be located between two pages

- (void) setPagesStackImage: (UIImage *)  pagesStackImage

set the image which is used for resembling the stack of pages on both side of book.

- (void) setSwipeGestureEnabled: (BOOL)  enabled

To avoid conflict with Drag/Drop behavior, enable/disable Swipe Gesture to move Page. default YES, only for Slide/None transition mode

- (void) setTimeForCaching: (double)  seconds

set the delay time for caching page image

- (void) setTimeForRendering: (double)  seconds

set the delay time for rendering

- (void) startCaching

start caching process

- (void) stopCaching

stop caching process

- (void) stopPlayingParallel

stop playing parallel

- (void) stopSearch

stops searching

- (void) useSingleLayer

use only one layer to render. caching adjacent pages will be disabled.

Member Data Documentation

- (__weak NSString*) baseDirectory

the base directory for custom content files of epub

- (id<ContentProvider>) contentProvider


- (id) contentProviderClass

the class for custom reader for epub.

- (__weak id<FixedViewControllerDataSource>) dataSource

FixedViewControllerDataSource to respond to the request from FixedViewController.

- (__weak id<FixedViewControllerDelegate>) delegate
- (__weak NSString*) version

current engine version.

Property Documentation

- (Book *) book

the Book object which contains information about epub.

- (int) bookCode

the unique code for this book.

- (int) transitionType

the page transition type. 0:none, 1:slide, 2:curl

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