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com.skytree.epub.FixedControl Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for com.skytree.epub.FixedControl:

Public Member Functions

 FixedControl (Context context)
 FixedControl (Context context, int spread)
 FixedControl (Context context, int spread, int orientation)
 FixedControl (Context context, int spread, int orientation, int maxCachesForCapture)
void setClickListener (ClickListener clickListener)
void setPageMovedListener (PageMovedListener pageMovedListener)
void setContentListener (ContentListener contentListener)
void setStartPageIndex (int startPageIndex)
void setPagesStackImage (Bitmap bitmap)
void setPagesCenterImage (Bitmap bitmap)
void removeCaches ()
void setBaseDirectory (String baseDirectory)
void setBookName (String bookName)
void setBookPath (String filePath)
boolean isMediaOverlayAvailable ()
void playFirstParallel ()
void pausePlayingParallel ()
void stopPlayingParallel ()
void playParallel (Parallel parallel)
void playParallelByIndex (int parallelIndex)
Parallel getParallelByIndex (int parallelIndex)
int parallelCount ()
void playNextParallel ()
void playPrevParallel ()
void resumePlayingParallel ()
boolean isPlayingPaused ()
boolean isPlayingStarted ()
void gotoPage (int pageIndex)
void gotoNextPage ()
void gotoPrevPage ()
int getPageCount ()
int getPageIndex ()
void setSequenceBasedForMediaOverlay (boolean isSequenceBased)
void changeElementColor (String colorString, String hash, int pageIndex)
void restoreElementColor ()
void setCacheListener (CacheListener cacheListener)
void setStateListener (StateListener stateListener)
void setSelectionListener (SelectionListener selectionListener)
void setHighlightListener (HighlightListener highlightListener)
void setSearchListener (SearchListener searchListener)
void setMediaOverlayListener (MediaOverlayListener mediaOverlayListener)
void setContentProvider (ContentProvider contentProvider)
void setContentProviderForCache (ContentProvider contentProvider)
void setTimeForRendering (int miliseconds)
void setCurlQuality (double quality)
void setNavigationAreaWidthRatio (float ratio)
void setLicenseKey (String licenseKey)
void setPageTransition (PageTransition pageTransition)
void setCustomScript (String customScript)
void setCustomStyle (String customStyle)
void changeBackgroundColor (int color)
void changeWindowColor (int color)
void searchKey (String key)
void searchKeyMore ()
void stopSearch ()
void pauseSearch ()
void makeSelectionHighlight (int color)
void deleteHighlight (Highlight highlight)
void deleteCurrentHighlight ()
void changeHighlightColor (Highlight highlight, int color)
void changeHighlightNote (Highlight highlight, String note)
void changeHighlight (Highlight highlight, int color)
void changeHighlight (Highlight highlight, String note)
void useSoftwareLayer ()
void setUserInteractionEnabled (boolean enabled)
void useCachedBitmapForCurling (boolean value)
Book getBook ()
void setSwipeSpeedForPageTransition (double speed)
void setDelayTimeForCapture (int time)
void setDelayTimeForSearch (int time)
void backupPosition ()
NavPoints getNavPoints ()
boolean isDoublePagedForLandscape ()
boolean isDoublePaged ()
boolean isSinglePaged ()
void setDirectRead (boolean isDirectRead)
boolean isLicensed ()
int getVersion ()
void setMaxWidthForCache (int max)
boolean isFirstPage ()
boolean isLastPage ()
void setAutoScroll (boolean isAutoScroll)
void curlToLeft ()
void curlToRight ()
int getWebViewVersion ()
void setAdobeStyleEnabled (boolean enabled)
void gotoPageBySearchResult (SearchResult searchResult, int color)
void gotoPageByHighlight (Highlight highlight)
void gotoPageByNavPoint (NavPoint navPoint)
void executeJavascript (String code)
void executeJavascript (String code, boolean forLeft)
boolean isPortrait ()
void setImmersiveMode (boolean isImmersiveMode)
int getOSVersion ()
int getNumberOfChaptersInBook ()
String getChapterURL (int chapterIndex)
String getCoverURL ()

Detailed Description

FixedControl is the class for fixed layout of epub. this class includes various functions to manage fixed layout. FixedControl extends RelativeLayout.


Constructor & Destructor Documentation

com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.FixedControl ( Context  context)


com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.FixedControl ( Context  context,
int  spread 


spreadrendition:spread value in opf file
com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.FixedControl ( Context  context,
int  spread,
int  orientation 


spreadrendition:spread value in opf file
orientationrendition:orientation value in opf file
com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.FixedControl ( Context  context,
int  spread,
int  orientation,
int  maxCachesForCapture 


spreadrendition:spread value in opf file
orientationrendition:orientation value in opf file
maxCachesForCapturethe max number of webviews for capture

Member Function Documentation

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.backupPosition ( )

backup the current position to memory

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.changeBackgroundColor ( int  color)

change the background color , default color is dark gray

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.changeHighlight ( Highlight  highlight,
int  color 

change the color of the highlight

highlightthe highlight object
colorthe color of highlight
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.changeHighlight ( Highlight  highlight,
String  note 

change the note of the highlight

highlightthe highlight object
notethe note text
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.changeHighlightColor ( Highlight  highlight,
int  color 

change the color of the highlight

highlightthe highlight object
colorthe color of highlight
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.changeHighlightNote ( Highlight  highlight,
String  note 

change the note of the highlight

highlightthe highlight object
notethe note text
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.changeWindowColor ( int  color)

set the color of window which is under the content of epub.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.curlToLeft ( )

turns the page to left direction with curling effect

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.curlToRight ( )

turns the page to right direction with curling effect

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.deleteCurrentHighlight ( )

delete current highlight

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.deleteHighlight ( Highlight  highlight)

delete the highlight

highlightthe highlight to be deleted
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.executeJavascript ( String  code)

excute Javascript code

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.executeJavascript ( String  code,
boolean  forLeft 

excute Javascript code in left page when forLeft is true or in right page if forLeft is false.

codeJavascript code
forLeftif true, javascript will be excuted in left page
Book com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getBook ( )

returns Book object

String com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getChapterURL ( int  chapterIndex)

returns the url of chapter(page) by chapterIndex

String com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getCoverURL ( )

return the url of cover image

NavPoints com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getNavPoints ( )

returns NavPoints to represent TOC

int com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getNumberOfChaptersInBook ( )

returns the number of chapters in Book in Fixed Layout, the number of chapters in book is the number of pages in book.

int com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getOSVersion ( )

return Android OS Version

int com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getPageCount ( )

get page count of this chapter

int com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getPageIndex ( )

get the current pageIndex in this chapter

Parallel com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getParallelByIndex ( int  parallelIndex)

get the parallel at parallelIndx

int com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getVersion ( )

returns SDK version

int com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.getWebViewVersion ( )

returns Android WebView Version

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.gotoNextPage ( )

goto the next page in this chapter

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.gotoPage ( int  pageIndex)

goto the page of pageIndex in this chapter

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.gotoPageByHighlight ( Highlight  highlight)

go to the page by the Highlight

highlightHighlight object to go
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.gotoPageByNavPoint ( NavPoint  navPoint)

go to the page by the NavPoint (of TOC)

highlightHighlight object to go
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.gotoPageBySearchResult ( SearchResult  searchResult,
int  color 

go to the page by the SearchResult

searchResultSearch Object which is returned while search process.
colorthe color of highlight for searched text
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.gotoPrevPage ( )

goto the prev page in this chapter

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isDoublePaged ( )

returns whether double paged or not

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isDoublePagedForLandscape ( )

returns whether double paged or not in landscape mode.

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isFirstPage ( )

returns true when book is in the first page.

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isLastPage ( )

returns true when book is in the last page.

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isLicensed ( )

returns whether it is licenced or not

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isMediaOverlayAvailable ( )

returns MediaOverlay available

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isPlayingPaused ( )

tells whether playing is paused or not.

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isPlayingStarted ( )

tells whether medaiOverlay started or not.

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isPortrait ( )

returns whether the device is portrait or not

boolean com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.isSinglePaged ( )

returns whether single paged or not

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.makeSelectionHighlight ( int  color)

make selected text highlight with color

colorhighlight color
int com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.parallelCount ( )

get the count of parallels in this chapter

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.pausePlayingParallel ( )

pause playing parallel

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.pauseSearch ( )

pause searching process

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.playFirstParallel ( )

play the first Parallel in this page

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.playNextParallel ( )

play the next parallel

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.playParallel ( Parallel  parallel)

play the parallel

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.playParallelByIndex ( int  parallelIndex)

play the parallel at parallelIndx

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.playPrevParallel ( )

play the prev parallel

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.removeCaches ( )

delete cached image files on disk.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.resumePlayingParallel ( )

resume playing the paused parallel

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.searchKey ( String  key)

search key

keythe keyword to search *
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.searchKeyMore ( )

continue to search if searching is paused *

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setAdobeStyleEnabled ( boolean  enabled)

enable/disable the style sheet of epub when it is created by Adobe software

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setAutoScroll ( boolean  isAutoScroll)

tells the sdk to scroll to the begining position when page is turned automatically.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setBaseDirectory ( String  baseDirectory)

set the base directory which is root position of specific epub in file system of device.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setBookName ( String  bookName)

set the epub file name

bookNameepub file name like "sample01.epub"
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setBookPath ( String  filePath)

sets the epub file path

filePaththe file path for the epub to open.
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setCacheListener ( CacheListener  cacheListener)

Set CacheListener to handle thumbnail images

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setClickListener ( ClickListener  clickListener)

set the listener to handle Click events. clickListener ClickListener object

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setContentListener ( ContentListener  contentListener)

set the listener for custom reader for epub content

contentListenerContentListener object
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setContentProvider ( ContentProvider  contentProvider)

set ContentHandler for reading each content inside epub

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setContentProviderForCache ( ContentProvider  contentProvider)

set ContentHandler for caching each content inside epub into thumbnail images.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setCurlQuality ( double  quality)

set the image quality for curling effect

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setCustomScript ( String  customScript)

set the custom script for each page

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setCustomStyle ( String  customStyle)

set the custom style for each page

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setDelayTimeForCapture ( int  time)

set the delay time after capturing bitmap

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setDelayTimeForSearch ( int  time)

set the delay time after searching one chapter

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setDirectRead ( boolean  isDirectRead)

enforce the sdk to read contents directly from file systems not through the ContentProvider.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setHighlightListener ( HighlightListener  highlightListener)

set HighlightListener to handle text highlighting

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setImmersiveMode ( boolean  isImmersiveMode)

enforce the device to immersive mode (of Android)

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setLicenseKey ( String  licenseKey)

set the license key to activate the sdk

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setMaxWidthForCache ( int  max)

set the max width of cached bitmap

maxthe max width of cached bitmap if this value is too high, memory exception could occur.
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setMediaOverlayListener ( MediaOverlayListener  mediaOverlayListener)

set MediaOverlayListener to handle MediaOverlay

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setNavigationAreaWidthRatio ( float  ratio)

set the Navigation area on both left and right side to goto the previous or the next page.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setPageMovedListener ( PageMovedListener  pageMovedListener)

set the listener to handle the events for page moving.

pageMovedListenerPageMovedListener obejct
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setPagesCenterImage ( Bitmap  bitmap)

set the image for the center of two pages. bitmap Bitmap object

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setPagesStackImage ( Bitmap  bitmap)

set the image for the stack of pages on both sides.

bitmapBitmap object
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setPageTransition ( PageTransition  pageTransition)

set the PageTransition type.

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setSearchListener ( SearchListener  searchListener)

set SearchListener to search Keyword

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setSelectionListener ( SelectionListener  selectionListener)

set SelectionListener to handle text selection

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setSequenceBasedForMediaOverlay ( boolean  isSequenceBased)

set to play based on the Sequece of Paralles or play based on media file

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setStartPageIndex ( int  startPageIndex)

set the start page index before loading epub.

startPageIndexpage index to start
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setStateListener ( StateListener  stateListener)

set StateListener to monitor the State of SDK

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setSwipeSpeedForPageTransition ( double  speed)

set the speed of swipe for page trainsition

speedthe speed of swipe for some interative epub, high speed is needed to avoid dragging gesture
void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setTimeForRendering ( int  miliseconds)

set the delay time for the rendering of a page

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.setUserInteractionEnabled ( boolean  enabled)

enable/diable user interaction

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.stopPlayingParallel ( )

stop playing parallel

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.stopSearch ( )

stop searching process

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.useCachedBitmapForCurling ( boolean  value)

use bitmaps cached for curling effect if true *

void com.skytree.epub.FixedControl.useSoftwareLayer ( )

use only software layer to render correctly

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